My character for The Poetry Brothel

In my last post I revealed that after a perhaps creepy fixation on the implications of the existence of the Poetry Brothel and its many cross-overs with my own fuzzy life/performance/art endeavors, I have joined forces with the Poetry Society Of New York and become a “Poetry Whore” myself. Below is my first attempt at creating an appropriate alter ego for myself.

Calamity June Irokesenschnitt

Calamity June was raised in Pirmasens in the Black Forest of Germany
where she was fed a healthy mixture of folk and fairy tales from her
wanderlust-filled father, devout Catholicism from her mother, and
classical myth and epics from her dear aunt. This mixture brewed
strong day by day in the deep forests where she passed most of her
free time, until the new stories bubbled over into a caustic brew,
ripening her spirit and flesh for adventures too large for the small
town she was raised in. She joined a traveling show as a chanteuse and
dancer and was soon appalling the bourgeois and enamoring the literati
of Munich and Berlin. But June soon came to find urban life in the
literary cabarets too stifling and, being enchanted by the dime store
novel legends of the Wild West, decided to leave Europe behind to live
lawlessly on open range and sing for her supper to heroic cowboys,
cattle rustlers, gunslingers, bank-robbers. Her dreams were crushed
when she realized that her heroes were all dead or run-off to
stranger, hostile climates and that the West had long been tamed by
big law and barbed wire. She then realized that she may never find the
fantastic adventures and sublime experience that her spirit so needed
in the world-as-it-is. So she decided to move east to New York City
and make them herself on bright stages and in dark books. The Madame
found her acting out scenes from Billy the Kid outside the Algonquin
Hotel one rainy afternoon and took her in. She’s made her home in the
Poetry Brothel ever since, writing poems filled with new extravagant
myth, surreal images, prophetic voice, and all of the lawless energy
of the Wild West.

Tomorrow night will be the debut of Miss Calamity June Irokesenschnitt (means “mohawk” in German). So, come and check out The Poetry Brothel: Dead Poets at The Back Room in the Lower East Side. The flier below will get you in for a mere five dollars!


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