On Theatre and Chickens in NYC

It’s taken me a little while to come to terms with the fact, but I am presently living (indefinitely) in New York City. Well,  in an intentional community (yes, it’s kind of a nice way of saying commune–more on this later) in St. George on Staten Island. I couldn’t tell you why exactly it’s taken me so long to make this move in my life internet public; however, it I’m sure it was partly inspired by fear of not being able to handle life so far from family and home and  moving back to Pittsburgh or Nanty Glo with my toy clip-on monkey tail (left over from the TypewriterGirls Gone Furry cabaret) between my legs–partly inspired by the fact that I’ve spent almost fifty percent of my time back in PA.  But, I’m here now. And for the foreseeable future I will remain here. Now, a few interesting developments to note:

The Ganas Community:

The best (and oddest) part of moving, by far, has been my first shot at living in an intentional community.  I was seriously considering moving in to the sustainable community Twin Oaks back when I was twenty, but didn’t make it out of Pennsylvania. It was a pleasant surprise to kind of fall in to Ganas, while searching for arts collectives in NYC.  I’m pretty sure that had I moved anywhere else I would have been tempted to run off to the woods or out to my grandparents farm, as I’ve been threatening to do for over a year now. There’s been an overwhelming sadness occasionally exploding out of me in crying spells due to my inability to deal with the superficial, enclosed, and artificial nature of modern urban life and my inability to change it. Ganas has provided me a much healthier environment than the rest of NYC has to offer (gardens, chickens, trees), a more natural system for human interaction, and a well-oiled emotional support system for those who wish to utilize it.

Creative Endeavors

I’ve been attempting to find collaborators and facilitators of  some theatrical and performance-art projects that I’ve been hoping to get off the ground, as well as to find performers and venues for the TypewriterGirls. I’ve had some success so far: two shows coming up in February for the TypewriterGirls (February 12th at the ETG Cafe–a business owned by the Ganas Community; and February 25th at the Cornelia St. Cafe) where we will feature old friends Three Rooms Press Editors Kat Georges and Peter Carlaftes and the phenomenal Chinese poet Huang Xiang. Kat and Peter will also be featuring The TypewriterGirls at the Dada Poetry Salon on March 18th. As far as creative collaboration goes, I’ll be assisting  The Poetry Brothel with an event themed around the Cabaret Voltaire and have as of yesterday been officially dubbed a “poetry whore” (After first learning of The Poetry Brothel a couple years ago, I remember ruminating on this concept in The TypewriterGirl’s myspace blog…oh, myspace ).

Well, this post is already ridiculously long, therefore, I will away for now. In short, I’m pleased, because in a day I can go out and do New Yorkish things like museums, crazy flying yoga, brothels, and fabulous post-apocalyptic puppet plays and then come home to my lovely little community on a hill and feed the chickens in the morning.

As for this site, I originally intended for this to be a site to assist in my quest for paying work (communications, editing, public relations, political organizing, acting, etc); however, as you can see, it is now serving a very different purpose. C’est la vie.


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