“The Quantum Activist”

I just found out that Amit Goswami (author of The Self Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World) made a documentary. While I have little faith that the material in this documentary will be as convincing and passionate as they are in his books, I’m truly grateful for the expanded audience that Goswami and his theories of Idealism will receive.
The Quantum Activist
Everyone interested in the God/Science debate would do well to watch this, and do better to read The Self Aware Universe. His theories are extremely well-supported, to the point of occasional frustration as I have to read most of the experiment descriptions two or three times in order to fully comprehend what’s being proven.

I also suggest this book for the many creative people I know right now who are struggling to make sense of the splendors that quantum physics seems to offer us and damning themselves for opting out of advanced math courses. He covers a lot of the basic ground and while patience is required for some of it, he balances everything out with parables and interesting allegories.

In short, the book is poetic, important, and potentially life-changing for many. The documentary will hopefully bring Goswami’s philosophy of Monistic Idealism in to the public consciousness and therefore give it more chance of being embraced by mainstream physics.


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