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On living without heat in late December

While I’m not entirely inexperienced  at living sans central heat in cold weather — I did in fact live for a couple of months in late fall/early winter at The Grand Midway Hotel in Windber, PA when it was almost entirely unheated — a few of revelations have come upon me in the past few days while toughing it out in Sneaky Mike and I’s unheated DIY roller-skating rink/show space in Pittsburgh, PA:

One: While it is much like camping, my ability to start a fire with a single match will little effect on how quickly my hands warm up — and I should probably avoid attempting it.

Two: The most important thing to appreciate about have coffee shops to bum around/write in is central heat that is paid for by some one else. I will deliver my two dollars for a cup o’joe and dollar tip with more gratitude from here on in.

Three: Every one should be forced to have the experience of living without heat at least once in their lives in order appreciate and more thoughtfully consume the luxuries that are afforded us by our natural resources–What we think of as necessities are in fact not. Humans are naturally much more resilient than we Americans have become. We will never live up to our full potential or begin the much needed reversal of our de-evolution unless we experience (and embrace) the extremes that our bodies and minds are capable of  growing through.


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